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Driller is a game of exploration. Players search through several real geographical regions looking for gold, silver, coal, and other valuable minerals.
Several Canadian provinces and Latin-American countries are represented, with mineral deposits distributed (roughly) according to where they exist in real life!
The various orebodies that you explore for include small high-grade vein systems, huge low grade porphyries, and even diamoniferous pipes!
The tools at your disposal are the same as those that the real geologists and geophysists use. Other elements of the game include the stock exchanges, fluctuating metal prices, and environmental issues.
Driller is distributed free of charge for non-commercial use. It is intended to be an educational video game to teach kids some geology, geography, and mining concepts by wrapping them in the context of a fun experience. It has been field-tested* and proven to work.

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* ref: "Driller", Doll and Meech, presented at the CIM District Six Meeting, October 1994

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